Place Planning Collective

We are seeking two more people, who live in the Federal area, to join the Place Planning Collective. Submit an expression of interest before Friday 24 March 

The Place Planning Collective is a group of community members, staff and Councillors who help us apply the actions in our place plans. We have place plans for:

Place Planning Collective members

The members of the Collective are currently: 

  • David Brown
  • Madeleine Faught
  • Elle Davidson
  • Dale Emerson
  • Jenny Bird
  • Lauren Julian 
  • Joanne Millar
  • Jack Dods
  • Brooke Crowle
  • Pippa Noble
  • Alan Golstein
  • Councillor Michael Lyon 
  • Councillor Sarah Ndiaye
  • Councillor Mark Swivel
  • Councillor Duncan Dey (alternate)