Mayor & Councillors

Mayor Michael Lyon


  • Telephone0435 646 365
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  • ProfileMichael Lyon is currently the Mayor of Byron Shire.

    Michael has been a Councillor for the last 7 years, including 2 years as Deputy Mayor. He has completed degrees in Law and Commerce and a postgraduate CIMA qualification in accounting and business strategy.

Cr. Sarah Ndiaye

Deputy Mayor

  • Telephone0432 389 353
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  • ProfileCouncillor Sarah Ndiaye was elected in December 2021 and elected Deputy Mayor at the 3 February 2022 Council meeting.

    Sarah is a member of the Rous County Council and Chair of the Reconciliation Action Plan Advisory Group.

Cr. Alan Hunter


  • Telephone0428 657 549
  • Alternate Phone02 6684 7259
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  • ProfileAlan Hunter has spent almost all his life on the land farming sheep, cattle and crops of various sorts including wheat, cotton, chickpeas, lentils and many others.

    Alan was appointed the inaugural chairman of the national peak industry governing body, Pulse Australia to lead, coordinate and plan for the legume group of crops known as pulses serving a term of 6 years.

Cr. Sama Balson


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  • ProfileSama Balson is an active advocate for equality, diversity and social justice.

    In her role as a Byron Shire Councillor, Sama is the Chair of the Affordable Housing Advisory Committee, is on the Biodiversity and Finance Committee and sits on the Arts Northern Rivers Board.

Cr. Duncan Dey


  • Telephone0429 845 440
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  • ProfileDuncan has lived, worked and played in Byron Shire since 1994. His six years as a Councillor on two previous councils and his decades on many of Council's committees mean that he knows how Council works and how to get things done.

Cr. Asren Pugh


  • Telephone0400 959 617
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  • ProfileI have worked for social and environmental change my whole life and want to give back to my community. I'm currently finishing my Executive MBA. I currently live in the beautiful Bangalow with my family.

Cr. Mark Swivel


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  • ProfileMark Swivel is a lawyer and writer who has lived in Byron Shire for over 10 years.

    Mark began practicing in 1995 and is principal of Barefoot Law, a community law firm.

    Mark became a Byron Shire councillor in 2021 and has extensive governance experience.

Role of the Mayor

The Mayor is one of nine Councillors who are elected for four years.  

It is the Mayor's role to:

  • be the leader of the council and a leader in the local community,
  • be the principal member and spokesperson of the governing body, including representing the views of the council as to its local priorities,
  • exercise, in cases of necessity, the policy-making functions of the governing body of the council between meetings of the council,
  • preside at meetings of the council.

A detailed summary of the role of the Mayor is on the NSW Legislation website.

Role of a Councillor

Councillors are the collective policy-makers of the Council. They represent their community to bring their views into the Council’s decision-making process. They also act as an advocate for residents in resolving concerns about Council services.  

It is the role of a councillor to:

  • be an active and contributing member of the governing body,
  • make considered and well informed decisions as a member of the governing body,
  • participate in the development of the integrated planning and reporting framework.

A detailed summary of the role of a councillor is on the NSW Legislation website.

Role of the General Manager

The General Manager is responsible for the operation of the Council's organisation and implementing the decisions of the Council.

It is the General Manager's role to:

  • Manage the council on a day-to-day basis and to direct staff.
  • Exercise functions delegated by the Council.
  • Appoint staff.
  • Implement the Council's equal employment opportunity management plan.

A list of the General Managers role and responsibilities is on the NSW Legislation website.


Councillor Support

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