Online Map & Zoning Tools

Use our map tools to find property and zoning information, dog exercise areas, mobility parking spaces, park locations and more. 

Byron Shire Council web map

  • Community information such as bin days, dog exercise areas, parking and public toilets.
  • Environmental layers such as Bush regeneration zones, koala habitat.
  • Flood information and flood prone areas.
  • Planning layers
  • Local Environment Plan (LEP) Layers
  • Exempt Complying SEPP Layers
  • SEPP Resilience and Hazards Layers
  • High Resolution Aerial imagery.

Byron Shire Council web map

Dog exercise areas

We encourage responsible dog ownership so that people and dogs can safely co-exist within our community. This means everyone can enjoy our beautiful beaches, parks and open spaces.  

Dogs in the Byron Shire must be "on-lead" at all times EXCEPT when in an "off-lead" area. Dogs must not enter a "prohibited" area.

View the online map for locations of off-dog exercise areas in the Byron Shire.

Dog exercise areas map

Park locator and dog off leash areas 

Park Locator can be used to locate a park, recreation facility, public toilet plus get information about recreation activities within the Byron Shire. 

To use the Near Me tool:

  1. Adjust the slider to the desired buffer distance.
  2. Search for an address or park in the search bar, or select a location on the map. 
  3. Select a layer in the list of results and click on the recreation area you are interested in.
  4. Alternatively click on an area on the map to find out more about that park or recreation facility. 

The more info link will open a new page from our website if further information is available.

This app has been derived from an existing tool supplied by ESRI. The base data is supplied by ESRI and may contain out of date information.

Park locator map

Cemeteries web map

Use our Cemeteries web map tool to search our cemeteries records and locate specific gravesites. Helping you to find the resting places of people who have passed.

Cemeteries web map