Rainwater Tanks

We encourage residents to install a rainwater tank.

Find out about getting approval to install a large tank, Government rebates for installing a tank and the Rouse County Council installation guide. 

Is approval needed for a rainwater tank?

  • For rainwater tanks larger than 10,000 litres,  a development approval is required.
  • All plumbing works require approval under section 68 of the Local Government Act 1993 and should comply with Australian Standard AS3500.1.2: 2003 National Plumbing Code.

Generally, however, a rainwater tank does not require Council approval if the tank:

  • is an ancillary to an existing approved building
  • does not exceed three metres in diameter or three metres in height
  • is located behind the building setback/s supported in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations and/or with structurally adequate support
  • is not below ground
  • is not on land that requires excavation.

The Rous County Council Rainwater Tank Rebate Program is available to eligible residential town water customers in the Rous region who wish to reduce their consumption of town water by installing a rainwater tank.

For more information about applying for a rebate and installing a tank visit Rous County Council rainwater tank rebate program 

Federal and State governments may also offer incentive schemes or rebates for the installation of new rainwater tanks.