Business Ethics Statement

1. Overview

Byron Shire Council will ensure its business relationships are ethical, honest, and fair.  Council’s business dealings will be transparent and open to public scrutiny wherever possible.

Council staff are expected to maintain high standards of integrity and ethical conduct, consistent with the positions of trust they hold, and we expect no less of the service providers and contractors who work with us.

By complying with this Statement of Business Ethics, you will be able to advance your business objectives and interests with Council fairly and ethically.

Demonstrated corrupt or unethical conduct could lead to termination of contracts and loss of future work.

2. Guidelines for conducting business with Council

  • Gifts or benefits must not be offered to Councillors or Council staff
  • All Council staff and business partners must disclose any potential and actual conflicts of interest
  • Information which is marked confidential, or which a reasonable person would expect to be confidential, should be treated as such
  • In business relationships with Council , parties will respect each other’s intellectual property rights and will formally negotiate any access, license or use of intellectual property
  • To avoid misunderstandings, it is important to use written correspondence for communication involving business-related decisions.  Verbal communication should be followed up with written confirmation of decisions or commitments made.
  • Where equipment or resources are supplied by Council, they must only be used for the agreed official purpose
  • It is expected that Council, and those who conduct business with Council, will ensure that workplace safety is of paramount importance and that all legislative and procedural safety requirements are complied with
  • All contractors and sub-contractors are expected to comply with the Statement of Business Ethics.  If you employ sub-contractors in your work with Council you must make them aware of this Statement.

Council requires all providers of goods and services to:

  • Ensure familiarisation and compliance with the Statement, Procurement Policy and related procedures
  • Ensure up to date awareness and compliance with legislative requirements and best practice standards, including Occupational Safety and Health when undertaking work for, or supplying goods and services to Council 
  • Act ethically, fairly and honestly in all dealings with Council 
  • Disclose beneficial interests in contracts wherever possible
  • Provide accurate and reliable advice and information when required
  • Declare actual or perceived conflicts of interest as soon as they become apparent
  • Respect the obligation of Council staff and Councillors to adhere to Council’s policies
  • Refrain from divulging privileged or confidential information to unauthorised persons
  • Refrain from engaging in any form of collusive practice, including offering Council staff or Councillors inducements or incentives designed to improperly influence the conduct of their duties
  • Refrain from discussing Council business or information in the media without Council’s consent
  • Assist Council to prevent unethical practices in our business relationships
  • Behave in an ethically, socially, economically and environmentally responsible way in the conduct of their business
  • Refrain from lobbying or canvassing Council staff during a tender process
  • Avoid pressuring Council staff and Councillors to depart from their ethical obligation, inadvertently or otherwise
  • Provide accurate and reliable advice and information when requested
  • Take all necessary steps to ensure materials and equipment used in the provisions of goods and services is sourced in an ethical and sociable responsible manner
  • Take all necessary steps to ensure materials and equipment used in the provisions of goods and services are carbon neutral in their manufacture, supply and maintenance
  • Not make any statements or behave in any way that could mislead anyone to believe that they are representing Council or expressing Council views or policies without the appropriate authority

3. Reporting Unethical Behaviour

Members of the public can, and are encouraged to, report wrongdoing to the General Manager or the external agencies below.

The Independent Commission against Corruption

Phone: 02 8281 5999 or 1800 463 909

NSW Ombudsman

Phone: 02 9286 1000

Information and Privacy Commission NSW

Phone: 1800 472 679

NSW Office of Local Government

Phone: 02 4428 4100