Something To Talk About

Aerial view of the Byron Skate Park with Cape-Byron and the Lighthouse in the background


Something to Talk About is our community magazine designed to share stories and news from around the Byron Shire. 

Introduction from Mayor Michael Lyon

Reflecting on the last 12 months there have been some major achievements. We opened the new $2.6 million Byron Bay Skate Park, progressed several affordable housing initiatives, delivered major improvements on roads including:

  • Midgen Flat Road and The Pocket Road
  • Resealed roads in Mullumbimby,Ocean Shores and Ewingsdale
  • Built a new shared path at Bangalow
  • Adopted a Dogs in Public Spaces Strategy
  • Completed a project to help rebuild the sand dunes at Byron Bay’s Main Beach
  • Supported our rough sleepers and so much more.

Looking ahead the 2023/24 budget is lean, a reflection of the floods and the additional, and unforeseen costs the organisation is carrying.

We are balancing the costs of flood recovery work and our regular maintenance and upgrade programs, all the while mindful of the services our community wants and needs.

Thank you for your patience as we continue the recovery journey.


$288 million budget

  • $143.1 million - flood recovery
  • $27.8 million - major work and construction
  • $18.1 million - buildings and pools
  • $17.4 million - sewerage operations
  • $15.4 - recycling and waste services
  • $13.3 million - maintenance of roads, bridges, footpaths and drains
  • $12 million - water operations
  • $11.3 million - parks, sports fields, beaches and bush regeneration
  • $10 million - natural environment, planning and development
  • $7.3 million - community services, libraries, childcare
  • $7.2 million - administration and governance
  • $3.8 million - enforcement and environmental health
  • $1.3 million - emergency services

Where do your rates, water and sewer charges go?

In 2023/34 for every $100 spent we will invest in:

  • $7 - natural environment, planning and development
  • $8 - parks, sports fields, beaches and bush regeneration
  • $9 - maintaining roads, bridges, footpaths and drains
  • $19- major works and construction including flood recovery
  • $11 - recycling and waste services
  • $8 - water operations
  • $12 - sewer operations
  • $12 - buildings and pools
  • $5 - community services, libraries and childcare
  • $5 - administration and governance
  • $3 - enforcement and environmental health
  • $1 - emergency services

Help and other information about your rates

In the news

Leg ropes compulsory in the Byron Shire

There have been some nasty accidents in the surf.

For the safety of everyone in the water - if you're on a board use a leg rope.

Roads and Infrastructure

A snapshot of what we completed in 2022 to 2023

  • Johnston’s Lane causeway upgrade
  • Englishes Bridge replacement
  • Upper Main Arm bridge replacement
  • Sherringtons Lane Bridge replacement
  • Byron Bay Skate Park
  • Broken Head Reserve Road / Seven Mile Beach parking
  • The Pocket Road upgrade
  • Mullumbimby roads resurfacing
  • Ewingsdale roads resurfacing
  • Ocean Shores/South Golden Beach roads resurfacing
  • Main Arm Road improvements
  • Midgen Flat Road improvements
  • Murwillumbah Road crossing upgrade
  • Whian Road Pavement rehabilitation
  • Ewingsdale shared path
  • Kingsley Lane drainage upgrades
  • Mullumbimby skate park access road
  • Gilmore Crescent upgrade
  • Manns Road upgrade

A snapshot of what’s underway and coming up in 2023 to 2024

  • Tincogan Street footpath
  • Belongil parking and road safety upgrade
  • Rifle Range Road intersection upgrade
  • Koranba Place intersection upgrade
  • Left Bank Road improvements
  • Carlyle Street parking and landscaping 
  • Byron Hospital redevelopment 
  • South Beach Road parking upgrade
  • Mullumbimby Road upgrade

Corporate and Community Services

Community awards

Community facilities


  • Byron Bay skate park
  • Byron Bay Rec Ground playground upgrade
  • Gaggin Park - new play equipment 
  • Piccabeen Park Bangalow path
  • New pedestrian bridge – Bangalow weir
  • Middleton St public toilets
  • Clarkes Beach public toilets
  • Brunswick Heads Community Centre – new roof
  • Kohinur Hall (post-flood) refurbishment


  • Dening Park public toilets
  • Mullumbimby sports fields public toilets 
  • Council Chambers (post-flood) refurbishment
  • Linda Vidler Park upgrades (amenities, sports fields)
  • Mullumbimby CLIC building (post-flood) refurbishment
  • Mullumbimby RFS building (post-flood) refurbishment
  • Bangalow Piccabeen Park wetlands restoration
  • Brunswick Heads Memorial Hall ramp upgrade

Coming up in 2023 to 2024

  • Tom Kendall Park – playground upgrade 
  • Bangalow sports fields lighting upgrade
  • Mullumbimby off-leash dog park
  • Resurfacing Cavanbah netball courts
  • Resurfacing Mullumbimby tennis courts
  • Resurfacing Linda Vidler Park tennis courts
  • Byron Croquet Club drainage and clubhouse improvements
  • Mullumbimby Rec grounds amenities upgrade
  • Mullumbimby Civic Hall (post-flood) refurbishment


Waste and recycling