Bush Stone-curlews

Bush Stone Curlew family standing under a bush credit David Charley

In NSW, the Bush Stone-curlew is an Endangered species, and in most of the state their numbers are declining.

In the Tweed Shire, there has been active management and monitoring of curlews and now their numbers are increasing. As a result, curlews are expanding into Byron Shire.

To help ensure the long-term survival of Bush Stone-curlews, we are partnering with Tweed Shire Council in an NSW Environmental Trust-funded project to monitor local curlews. 

Find out more about how to help protect Bush Stone-curlews in Byron Shire and Report any sightings online

How to spot a Bush Stone-curlew

Bush Stone-curlews are large birds with long legs and big yellow eyes, but they are masters of camouflage!

In the daytime, they can stand very still, in one spot, for a long time, so most people walk right past them.

They’re often found in parks and gardens with a mown lawn and few shrubs, which gives them a good view to look out for predators. 

Bush Stone-curlews are most active at night. Their loud call, which sounds like a baby crying, is how most people know they’re around.

Report a curlew sighting

The first stage of this project is to find out where the curlews are. 

Curlews can live in both rural and residential areas. 

They have recently been spotted in backyards and parks in:

  • Brunswick Heads
  • South Golden Beach and New Brighton
  • Byron Bay
  • Mullumbimby.

If you’ve seen a Bush Stone-curlew recently we would love to hear from you. 

How can you help Bush Stone-curlews?

  • Keep your pets on your property at all times, except when on a leash or at a designated off-leash area.
  • Let us know if you see a fox dens close to Bush Stone-curlew habitat.
  • Respect their need for space and do not approach them. Ask your children to do the same.
  • Participate in programs in your suburb to protect Bush Stone-curlews when they are nesting or raising chicks.
  • Report injured Bush Stone-curlews to:
    • Northern Rivers Wildlife Carers 24 hour Hotline 02 6628 1866
    • Tweed Valley Wildlife Carers 24 hour Hotline 02 6672 4789