Minutes & Agendas

Ordinary Meeting Agendas are available nine days prior to the scheduled meeting.

Open Agendas and Minutes in full screen.

See Instructions for accessing agendas and minutes

Ordinary Council Meeting Agenda and Minutes are also available to access in-person in the Council administration building foyer. 

Instructions for accessing agendas and minutes

Ways to access the agendas, minutes and attachments

There are two ways to access the agendas and minutes.

  • Select HTML to view a web page version. Choose the item you are interested in using the contents on the left hand side of the page. Individual attachments can also be downloaded.
  • Select PDF to download a copy to your own device. Council Meeting Agendas include a link to each attachment, which can be downloaded separately by selecting the PDF icon.
  • The PDF for committee meetings includes a non-searchable version of the attachments. This allows for committee members to print the full document if required. To download committee meeting attachments separately, use the HTML version. 

Search tips

Exact Search

To search for an exact term or resolution number within the documents, place quotation marks around the search term.

For example “20-001” or “Active Resolutions Report” 

Supplementary agenda

A supplementary agenda is an additional agenda to a Council meeting.

A supplementary agenda may be published after the ordinary agenda has been published. This can happen when:

  • a late report is necessary
  • there is an urgent matter to be reported to Council
  • reports have been deferred from a prior meeting.

The resolutions of a supplementary agenda will be published in the meeting minutes as usual.