Water Supply

Find out about where our water comes from and what we do to provide safe, high quality drinking water to the shire.

Regional water supply

All urban areas in Byron Shire are supplied water from Rocky Creek Dam, which is managed by Rous County Council. 

Mullumbimby is supplied from Council's Lavertys Gap Weir.

Rous County Council supplies drinking water to seven reservoirs in the Byron Shire Council from the Nightcap Water Treatment Plant. 

Under the Water Supply Agreement, we are responsible for maintaining water quality in the reservoirs and reticulation system.

Managing our water supply

We are responsible for providing, operating and maintaining:

  • One water treatment plant in Mullumbimby, 10 storage reservoirs, and 233 kilometres of water reticulation pipelines throughout the Shire.
  • Four sewage treatment plants, 80 pump stations and 252 kilometres of sewerage reticulation pipelines throughout the Shire.
  • One urban reuse scheme, two constructed wetlands, one rural reuse scheme, one bamboo farm and irrigation system, one Melaleuca regeneration project and land application of approximately 5,000 cubic metres of biosolids per year.
  • WRMS system operations provides an essential service 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.

We are committed to providing safe, high quality drinking water that meets the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG) 2011, consumer satisfaction and other regulatory requirements.

Byron Shire Council Drinking Water Management System 2021 (DWMS) PDF(PDF, 4MB) 

Mullumbimby Water Treatment Plant

The Mullumbimby Water Treatment Plant provides treated, filtered, and disinfected drinking water to Mullumbimby. 

The drinking water supply is sourced from Wilsons Creek via the Lavertys Gap Weir. 

Water flows to the plant by gravity through a heritage-listed race, via a mountain tunnel.

Treatment consists of coagulation and flocculation using aluminium sulphate. The water is then passed through the filters and chlorine is added as it leaves the clear well, providing a two barrier protection.   

Fluoride and the water supply

Water supplies to urban areas of Byron Shire are not fluoridated.

Council resolved in 2005 not to add fluoride to the water supply and reconfirmed this commitment in November 2013.