Pay parking in Brunswick Heads - Coming soon!

We will be implementing pay parking in parts of Brunswick Heads as a way of improving the turn-over of parking, especially in the town centre.

The pay parking scheme is expected to start in September 2024.

Pay parking will apply to the majority of the Brunswick Heads central business area and popular beachfront car park along South Beach Road.

Draft map of the proposed zone

Brunswick Heads Pay Parking Scheme map for web page embed.png

Traffic Area Permits

How much will parking cost?

Parking in Brunswick Heads will cost $5 an hour.

It will be capped at $25.00 for all day parking. 

Byron Shire residents can apply for a free permit from September 2024. 

Council will make a decision on the criteria and eligibility for the free resident permit later in June.  

How can I pay for parking?

There will be a mix of:

  • Cash meters.
  • Pay by plate cashless parking meters.
  • Payment via PayStay app
  • Free Resident Parking Permit.

Will there be any free parking?

Free parking options will be available within walking distance to the centre.

Residents will have ability to apply for pay parking permits, meaning they do not need to pay at the meter. 

How will money from pay parking in Brunswick Heads be spent?

Staff will be reporting a proposal to Council to seek approval for how the Brunswick Heads Parking Scheme money will be spent. 

The report will look at what percentage of revenue from the scheme can go back into infrastructure in the Brunswick Heads area and to the wider Byron Shire.

Find out more about how the Byron Bay pay parking scheme is spent.

Why is pay parking being implemented in Brunswick Heads?

The growing population and tourist demands of the region highlights the need to think about how parking will be managed in the future.

On street pay parking in Brunswick Heads will improve:

  • Availability of parking
  • Turnover 
  • Patronage for businesses and our popular recreational areas.
  • Traffic movement and congestion as the precinct develops.

Council has been debating this matter for many years now and we have changed time limits and extended parking zones, but the reality is that Brunswick Heads is going to keep getting busier.

Reducing time limits further (without pay parking) was not seen as favourable as it would be too restrictive and not suit the nature of visitations to local businesses and the beach.