Drainage education campaign - The Drain is for Rain

The Drain is for Rain

This educational campaign encourages residents, businesses, and visitors to keep their waste out of drains and easements to:

  • reduce flash flooding
  • reduce damage to property
  • help the environment. 

We have found everything from tree branches to old fridges and children’s toys dumped in drains and easements, and this causes all sorts of issues for our drainage system. Drains get blocked and flash flooding occurs, which can then damage properties from drains overflowing.

Dumping things such as garden waste can also contaminate our waterways. It is also illegal under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997, and people can face a big fine for doing so. 

What to do with your waste

  • Compost your garden waste.
  • Use leaf litter, lawn clippings and compost to mulch your garden.
  • Take advantage of your bins to dispose of your waste.
  • Use a commercial waste disposal service.
  • Take your large waste to the Byron Resource Recovery Centre. Residents get two $50 waste disposal vouchers a year and can hire a trailer for free.
  • Do not throw waste over your back fence, into bushland or into easements. 
  • Report illegal dumping.

Some examples of what not to do

What is Council doing 

This campaign is funded by the NSW Government in association with Byron Shire Council. 

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