Byron Bay Drainage Upgrade Design Project

  • Project typeDesign upgrades to Byron Bay’s drainage system
  • Project value$1,281,720
  • Project scheduleEarly 2023 until August 2024
  • Completion Date30 August 2024
Aerial view of the Byron Skate Park with Cape-Byron-and-the-Lighthouse in the background

We have begun working with consultants to design upgrades to Byron Bay's drainage system.

The project will review the preferred Byron Drainage Strategy, develop a plan that aims to reduce the risk of flooding in the town centre and near Cowper and Shirley Street. 

The Concept Design has been adopted by Council and we are now moving to Detailed Design. 

Community consultation

We have started community consultation with businesses and property owners.

History of flooding

Byron Bay has a history of flooding during heavy rain, and this affects businesses and residents. It is further compounded by:

  • low terrain
  • ocean levels
  • Belongil Creek
  • Belongil Creek floodplain.

Council has received grant funding for the design phase of the project.


Detailed design

  • Australian Government’s Preparing Australian Communities program $1,081,720
  • Council is contributing $200,000 to the project.

Drainage upgrades

The upgrade to drainage is estimated to cost more than $40 million and will require construction to be staged. 

Stage 1 of construction includes $7M of gravity drainage upgrades in the Town Centre Catchment, funded by the Disaster Recovery grant.  

$11.8 million dollars for the project was provided by the Australian Government through the Emergency Response Fund administered by NSW Reconstruction Authority’s Northern Rivers Recovery and Resilience Program 22-23.

We will need additional grant funding to complete construction of the remaining stages. 

On ground works

We have received funding for the Recreation Grounds Catchment and the Town Centre Catchment. The program of works is currently being developed. We will provide an update soon. 

The Shirley Street Catchment is currently not funded, but it is hoped that funding will be secured in the future. 

Illustrated maps of works

Related projects

The Sandhills Wetland is being restored and is a key component of the Byron Drainage Strategy, this project is expected to begin in 2024.


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