Make a submission on a DA

Anyone can make a submission on a development application (DA), particularly if you feel that you, your property or your locality may be affected by a proposed development.

You do not need to make a submission if you have no concerns with the proposal. You should judge whether the proposal will affect you. This may involve some discussion with the Planner assessing the application. If you are satisfied, there is no need to make a submission. You can contact the Planner assigned to the DA to discuss the proposal.

Our procedure for notifying a DA to neighbouring properties and the wider community, including any need for advertising in the local newspaper, is covered under Council's Community Participation Plan(PDF, 13MB).

You can submit relevant information to lodge a submission (including any attachments) directly with Council or online.

Many routine applications are not publicly exhibited or advertised.

See answers to frequently asked questions below to assist making a submission.

How to make a submission?

A properly made submission must:

  • be in writing
  • state the name and contact details of each person who made the submission
  • relate directly to what is proposed in the application and the possible impact on you, the surrounding property or the locality.
  • clearly state what aspects of the plan or proposed development that is being supported or opposed
  • be received by Council during the formal public notification period.

Council staff can answer questions on specific technical issues relating to applications but are not in a position to comment on the merits of the proposal at public exhibition stage nor is it appropriate that they assist you in formulating submission. When making your submission, you can refer to relevant Council development policies and State Environmental Planning Policies (SEPPs).

Submissions may be made in the following ways:


How to make an online submission -  Instructional video

How long do I have to make a submission?

In most cases the notification period for DAs is 14 days.

Submissions must be received at Council by the date and time specified in Council’s letter or exhibition information. If you are sending your submission by mail, make sure you allow for delivery by 4pm on the last date of the submissions.

If for some reason you can not meet this deadline, talk to the Planner assessing the application before the closing date for submissions.

Council’s  Community Participation Plan(PDF, 13MB) allows for an extension to the notification period over Christmas and Easter.

Will my Submission remain confidential?

No, submissions will be made available to the applicant and the public – this includes publication on council’s website, in accordance with Schedule 1 clause 3 of the GIPA Regulations 2009 . Including both the grounds of the objection and the identity of the objector.

For assistance with this please call Council’s Records Coordinator.

What happens after I make a Submission?

Your submission will be considered by Council staff during the assessment of the development application. You can monitor the status of a development application via Council’s Application Tracker.

Notification of the determination will be provided within the Council Notices page of the Byron Shire Echo once the development application has been determined.

You will be able to access a copy of the determination notice on Council’s website after it has been determined. If approval is granted, the notice sets out conditions required to me be during the development.  If the development application is refused, the notice sets out the reasons for the refusal.

Where a development application is required to go before a Council meeting for determination by Councillors, you will be advised of the time and date of the meeting, where you have the opportunity to address the Councillors before they make their decision.  The assessment report and recommendation will be available in meeting agenda on Council’s website approximately one week before the meeting.

How is a decision made?

Development applications must be considered in accordance with the applicable requirements of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000SEPPs and Council development policies. In determining a development application Council considers the following matters:

  • Provisions of the relevant planning instruments and policies;
  • Likely impacts of the proposed development;
  • Suitability of the site for the proposal;
  • All submissions regarding the proposal that have been made in accordance with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act and Regulation; and
  • The public interest.

Requirements for political donations and gifts

Any person who makes a submission regarding a development application to Council is required to disclose all reportable political donations made to any local councillor or any gifts made to any local councillor or employee of council.

This applies to the period commencing two years before the application is made and ending when the application is determined.

Click here to download a ‘Disclosure Statement of Political Donations & Gifts’ form.(PDF, 150KB)