How to Lodge a Petition to Council

Find out how to lodge a petition to Council and what the next steps are.

A petition is a direct request to Council that it take a particular course of action.

Signing a petition is a way for citizens and groups to make their concerns known to Council. One person or many people can sign a petition.

Council may consider a petition if it relates to matters on which it has the power to act.

Lodging a petition

Petitions must include a person's:

  • Full name
  • Residential address
  • Signature.

Electronically signed petitions must include a full name and residential address.

Lodge an original petition by:


Posting to:

Byron Shire Council – Petitions

70 Station Street


A person lodging a petition is to ensure that the petition contains:

  • A covering note detailing:
  • the full printed name, address and signature of the person lodging the petition
  • email address (preferred, but optional)
  • a clear and concise statement identifying the subject matter, starting with: “We, the undersigned, petition the Mayor and Councillors of Byron Shire Council to:”
  • the number of signatories on the petition; excluding non-electoral role member
  • On each page:
  • a heading
  • a clear and concise statement identifying the subject matter
  • the action requested of Council.

The signatories on the petition are to each: 

  • clearly print their name and address 
  • sign their name
  • be registered on the electoral roll for the Byron Shire.

Privacy statement

The person lodging the petition must tell all signatories that their details may be made public. A statement such as below is encouraged:

“The information obtained through this petition will be provided to Council and may become a public document. By signing this petition, you consent to the publication of any details provided on this petition by you.”

Petition template

You can use our Petition Template to ensure your petition meets the criteria outlined below.  

Petition Template(PDF, 65KB)

What happens with my petition after I lodge it with Council?

We will review the petition.

If the petition is compliant, it will be reported to the next Ordinary meeting.

Petitions submitted to Council two weeks before a Council meeting will be included in the next meeting agenda.

If we receive a petition after the two week timeframe, it will be presented at the following Council meeting.  

If the petition is part of a submission process, then it will be reported in line with the other submissions.

When is a petition not considered by Council?

The petition will not be considered by Council if:

  • it is not compliant with the requirements specified under Preparing a Petition 
  • it is defamatory, vexatious, abusive or otherwise inappropriate
  • it is not relating to a matter on which the Council has the power to act
  • it is not clear what the petitioners have requested
  • any action it proposes is unlawful
  • the matter has already been raised in the previous 24 months.

We will notify you within 21 days if the petition is not accepted. We will provide the reasons for it not being reported to Council.

Number of signatures

The treatment of a petition will depend on the number of signatures:

  • A petition with less than 100 signatures - tabled at the Council meeting for information.
  • A petition with more than 100 signatures but less than 1000 signatures - reported to Council with staff comment for a determination by Council.
  • A petition with more than 1000 signatures - reported to Council to consider initiating community engagement on the topic.

Confidential attachments

Due to personal information, petitions are included as confidential attachments to Council reports. A summary of the information is provided in the report.  

The Council will record their resolution in the minutes of the meeting. The person lodging the petition will be notified of the outcome after the meeting.