Bangalow Village Plan

The main street in Bangalow. A view across the road to some parallel parked cars in front of heritage style village shopfronts. A blue sky with some clouds above and a bright green healthy tree on the right.

The Bangalow Village Plan and Implementation Plan set out residents' goals for the Bangalow village. They guide improvements and development from 2019 to 2034.

The Bangalow Village Plan aims to ensure that the things people love about Bangalow are preserved and enhanced into the future, such as:

  • heritage buildings
  • green, leafy character
  • village feel
  • sense of community
  • natural environment.

The Bangalow Village Plan was adopted by Council in February 2019, following community feedback in late 2018.

The Implementation Plan prioritises the initiatives of the Village Plan. It was endorsed by Council in August 2019.

Both plans were prepared with the Bangalow Guidance Group. This was a group of 19 community representatives and 3 Councillors.