Byron Arts & Industry Estate Precinct Plan

The Byron Arts and Industry Estate has evolved from a local service centre to an eclectic mix of businesses and residential uses.

While this has brought vitality to the place, it has also resulted in a number of significant issues, including traffic and access.

The Byron Arts and Industry Estate Precinct Plan has been developed to provide a framework to address these issues and build a strong platform for the future of the Estate.

The Precinct Plan shows how to connect the economy, nature, and buildings to make a sustainable, user-friendly area. This area will help future entrepreneurs.

The goals and actions are presented in five themes that cover the Estate's opportunities and challenges.

  • Creative Economy
  • Mobility & Access
  • Environment & Climate
  • Land Use
  • Built Form, Character and Density.

Download and read the Byron Arts and Industry Estate Precinct Plan(PDF, 11MB)

Projects in the Arts and Industry Estate