Getting a subdivision approved

There are nine different planning approval pathways in NSW. The size and scale of the development will determine which of the assessment pathways is appropriate. The Department of Planning website provides more information about the different planning approval pathways.

The subdivision of land  generally requires a planning approval by means of a development application (DA). Some subdivisions do not require a planning approval, they may be Exempt Development, Complying Development or Development without Consent.

To obtain a planning approval for your subdivision, a DA must be lodged with Council. Learn about the DA Process.

What happens when my DA is approved?

DA approval will generally include conditions that must be complied with. The conditions may require subdivision works to be undertaken, which will require a Subdivision Works certificate.

How do I get separate title on my subdivision?

To obtain separate titles for new allotments, a plan of subdivision or strata plan or strata plan of subdivision must be registered by NSW Land Registry Services (LRS).

A plan of subdivision generally cannot be registered in LRS unless it has a subdivision certificate issued under the provisions of section 109J of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 .

Learn about lodging a subdivision certificate application with Council.