Strata certificates

A strata plan is a subdivision of a parcel of land into separate lots and common property.

The parcel to be subdivided must have a building or part of a building within its boundaries. A strata plan can only be prepared by a Registered Surveyor. The lots and common property to which the plan refers assumes the lot and plan number as its new title. NSW Land Registry Services (LRS) is the key provider of land information services in New South Wales. The Office of Registrar General was created to monitor and enforce performance of the land titles registry business of LRS.

It is the responsibility of the Registrar General to ensure that plans and associated titles comply with the requirements set out in legislation.

A strata plan cannot be registered by LRS unless it has a Strata Certificate. The Strata Schemes Development Act 2015 (Strata Act) sets out the laws under which strata schemes in NSW takes place. The Strata Act defines a Strata Certificate as a certificate in the approved form issued under Part 4 of the Act that authorises the registration of a strata plan, strata plan of subdivision or notice of conversion.

Apply for a Strata Certificate.

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