Net Zero Projects

Find out about what projects we are working on to reach Net Zero by 2025.

Net zero emissions, or carbon neutral, means emissions produced are equal to the emissions absorbed by carbon offsets. For example, planting trees.

100% Renewable Energy

In 2022, we achieved our goal to source 100% of its operational energy from renewable energy sources. 

We partnered with retailer Iberdrola.

We are now sourcing 60% of our total electricity needs from the Collector Wind Farm in NSW.

The remaining 40% is being sourced from certified GreenPower projects.

The two-year wind energy contract, which began on 1 January, means that we have now achieved our 100 percent renewable energy target five years ahead of its 2027 goal. This means we have achieved one of our three electricity goals from the Net Zero Emissions Action Plan for Council Operations.

Calculating Emissions

By 2025, we aim to be certified carbon neutral under the Federal Government ‘Climate Active’ standard by reducing our total operational emissions and purchasing high quality offsets. 

We calculate our full scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions in our most recent emissions inventory report(PDF, 796KB) .

This is in line with the Climate Active framework. Yet, we are always working to improve our emissions calculation processes.

Diagram of scope examples. Scope one is direct - company facilities and vehicles. Scope two is indirect - purchased electricity, heating and cooling. Scope 3 as indirect - business travel, use of solid products, purchased goods and services.


  • Try the SunSPot mapping tool - a solar mapping tool for the Byron Shire community to use for free, developed in partnership with Australian Photovoltaic Institute (APvI). 
  • We installed a 99kW solar structure at our Administration building (70 Station Street, Mullumbimby). This provides 20 to 25% of the building's daily electricity use, shade for approximately 40 public carparks and power to the public Electric Vehicle charging station. 
  • Council-owned land at our Resource Recovery Centre at Myocum is being considered for a large scale ground-mounted solar farm. Visit Dingo Lane solar farm for more details.
  • We have installed more than 600kW of small-scale rooftop and ground mounted solar across a range of Council assets. 

Electric Vehicles

Bioenergy Facility

We are assessing the feasibility of a bioenergy facility in the Byron Shire as a smarter local waste solution to convert organic green waste into renewable energy and a compost product. An Australian first.

For more information, see our Bioenergy facility project webpage

Future use of land at Vallances Road Mullumbimby

The Brunswick Valley, Vallances Road Vision and Roadmap charts the future use and long-term development of the Council-owned land at Vallances Road, Mullumbimby. This site was formerly known as the “Brunswick Valley Sustainability Centre”.

It may include a plant nursery and/or an environmental education facility.  

For more details, download The Brunswick Valley Vallances Road Vision and Roadmap(PDF, 12MB).


  • The Cities Power Partnership (CPP) is a free national program that celebrates and accelerates the emission reduction and clean energy successes of Australian towns and cities. We joined in July 2017 with 70 local councils from around Australian to represent more than eight million people. 
  • Zero Emissions Byron (ZEB) is a community organisation aiming to transition the whole of Byron Shire to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2025. 
  • Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy is an international alliance of cities and local governments with a shared long-term vision of promoting and supporting voluntary action to combat climate change and move to a low emission, resilient society.
  • By 2025, we aim to be certified carbon neutral under the Federal Government ‘Climate Active’ standard by reducing its total operational emissions and purchasing high quality offsets.