What’s that beach called? Official Names of Byron Shire Beaches

Feedback is closed.

We received more than 140 responses.

Leg rope surf

This consultation has closed. We received more than 140 responses and staff are now working through the submissions.

Indigenous stakeholders have also been asked to provide information and feedback to Council on this project.

In the coming months a report on the outcomes of this consultation will be prepared and included in a Council agenda.

About the beach naming project

Is it Clarkes Beach or Clarks Beach? Where is Crabbes Creek Beach?

We asked for feedback to help formalise names and boundaries of beaches along the Byron Shire coastline.

Of the 23 beaches in the Byron Shire, 11 do not have official names. This needs to be resolved for the NSW Geographical Names Board.

Official names for beaches and landmarks are important especially for emergency services when they are responding to a call for help.

Feedback closed on 23 February 2023.

Beach maps

We asked the community to look at the map/s of the beaches and tell us to what degree you value renaming the beaches and make any suggestions for more appropriate new names.

The map of coastal features shows:

  • Beaches that are not gazetted.
  • Beaches that have been gazetted.
  • Beach delineation. Where the beach starts and stops.

Open map in full screen 

Next steps

All feedback will be collated and presented to Council who will make a decision on the names of beaches. This will then be forwarded to the Geographical Names Board for gazettal.