Housing: Stakeholder meetings and presentations

Council held a diverse range of high level stakeholder meetings between 2017 and 2019.  Listen to the presentations and read about the outcomes of the housing summit, roundtable, charrette and forum. 

Three of Australia’s experts in the field of affordable and social housing headlined the Council forum Our Housing Challenge:  Local Communities, Local Solutions – a Byron Perspective held on the 10 May 2019 in Byron Bay.

Peter Mares (author of No Place Like Home:  Repairing Australia’s housing crisis), Tim Riley (Founder – Property Collectives) and Dr Kathleen Flanagan (Deputy Director of Housing and Community Research, University of Tasmania) addressed the forum providing their insight into housing affordability.

The Forum was recorded by BayFM. To listen to the presentations click on the link below.

Listen to Our Housing Challenge


To agree on policy directions for delivering land and housing for a sustainable future, we held a charrette with community representatives and State Government agencies. The findings of the charrette(PDF, 472KB) helped inform the draft Residential Strategy. 


Council convened the Byron Housing Roundtable as a followup to the successful Byron Housing Summit held in 2017. The purpose of the Roundtable was to discuss where Byron Shire is now 18 months on from the Summit, and where does it need to be to further support and deliver affordable housing outcomes for the community.

The Roundtable was arranged around themes to look at the following areas:  

  • Housing types and models
  • Tenure types and security
  • Planning enablers and barriers
  • Finance and investment models

 We continue to progress work on the four key actions agreed on the day to address housing needs in the Shire:

  1. Legal / governance - Structures
  2. Development opportunities
  3. Planning/policy reforms
  4. Communication/education 

Byron Shire is a prosperous area for some, but there are people who are at risk of homelessness or looking at a future that does not include home ownership. This summit was designed to shine the spotlight on the unique challenges in the affordable housing sector.

The Housing Summit bought together stakeholders from government, housing providers, private industry and community to look at current policies, development practices and programs for housing and to look at what could be done differently to improve the availability and supply of housing in Byron.

See the Storyboard Sketches(PDF, 8MB) for an overview of the Housing Summit topics.


    by Prof Hal Pawson (Associate Director, City Futures) 

     by Adam Bennett-Smith (Director, Koho)

    by John McKenna (CEO, North Coast Community Housing) 

    by Hanna Ebling (Social Enterprise Finance Australia) 

     by Barbara Squires (Director, Barbara Squires Consulting)

     by Graham Marshal & Mike Myers (National Affordable Housing Consortium)

     Watch the presentation by Kelvin Daly (Bruns Eco Village) 

     Watch the presentation by Gary White (NSW Government) 

     Watch the presentation by Wendy Hayhurst (NSW Federation of Housing Associations)

     by Jessie Hochberg - Nightingale

For more information read the Housing Summit issues action plan Report 13.16 presented to Council on 22 June 2017, resulting in Resolution 17-260.