Biodiversity Conservation Strategy

We have prepared a new Byron Shire Biodiversity Conservation Strategy.  We thankyou for your feedback during the consultation period that ended on 20 May 2020. 

Where are we now?

Following Council's consideration of the submissions report at the June meeting, the Strategy was adopted with amendments. We are now busy including those amendments into the Strategy.

View the Biodiversity Strategy submissions report, amendments and Council's decision.

How did we get here?

To develop our 2020-2030 Biodiversity Strategy, we have spoken with local expert ecologists, aboriginal stakeholders, the community and other local councils, to ensure we develop a strategy that reflects good science, facilitates productive partnerships, and provides practical and achievable  actions to help both Council and the community look after our natural environment.

We live in one of the most biologically unique and diverse parts of Australia. But this special environment is fragile - it is everyone’s responsibility to help protect it. The Biodiversity Conservation Strategy outlines how Council, in partnership with the community, can protect and enhance our unique biodiversity.

While we are updating the Strategy, find out more about it, as it was exhibited, over on our Your Say Byron Shire website Biodiversity Conservation Strategy.