Threatened species of plants and animals in Byron Shire

3 Curlew birds walking side by side on the sandy beach shoreline, backed by a white washed waves of the coastline and mountainous ridgeline.

Byron Shire is home to 71 threatened plants and 167 threatened animals. 

Learn more about our biodiverse region and view our fauna and flora threatened species lists.

Species such as Albert’s Lyrebird and Fletcher’s Frog are descendants from animals that inhabited the ancient Gondwanan rainforests that covered Australia 40 million years ago.

Migratory birds like the Sharp-Tailed Sandpiper travel to our shores each year all the way from Siberia!

We are one of the most biodiverse regions in Australia. The mild wet climate, complex geology, and altitudes from sea level to 800 metres, have created a huge variety of ecosystems. This makes homes for some of the most rare and unique species in Australia.

Threatened species lists

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Photo: Endangered Beach Stone-curlews