Resourcing Strategy

The Resourcing Strategy outlines the time, money, assets and people available to implement the actions of the Delivery Program. The Resourcing Strategy consists of three inter-related elements. 

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The key objective of asset management planning is to provide the required level of service for the community in accordance with the Community Strategic Plan and in the most cost-effective manner. Assets may include roads, water and sewerage systems, drains, bridges, footpaths, buildings, recreational facilities, parks and gardens.

Asset Management Planning comprises 3 components:

  1. Asset Management Policy (AM Policy)

    Council’s Asset Management Policy was recently reviewed and updated in 2021.

  2. Asset Management Strategy (AM Strategy)

    Council has a Strategic Asset Management Plan adopted in 2016-2026 (SAMP).  Whilst this version remains current, a digital version of the SAMP has been progressed utilising interactive software to enable the data to be linked and live to the most updated information.

  3. Asset Management Plans (AM Plans) for each class of asset

Council has prepared AMPs for Transport, Buildings, and Open Space infrastructure.

These documents, dashboard posters, community levels of service consultation reports, and an introduction video on how council manages its assets are available on the asset management webpage.


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