Asset Management Plans

Asset management is a really important part of what we do at Byron Shire Council, but we realise that perhaps not everyone understands what asset management is or how it is done, so we have developed this short video to explain things!

The purpose of an asset management plan is to help an organisation manage their infrastructure and other assets to an agreed standard of service. Byron Shire Council currently has four Asset Management Plans covering the following categories:

  • Strategic Asset Management Plan, which includes general fund assets only such as transport, drainage, buildings, open spaces, recreation facilities, other structures, plant and equipment and furniture and fittings.
  • Transport assets.
  • Building assets.
  • Open Space assets.

The Asset Management Policy sits above these plans and is available on Council's website.

Our community consultation on customer levels of service are detailed inside the individual asset management plans.

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This plan includes:

  • Pools
  • Recreation facilities, sports equipment & grandstands
  • Park facilities – shelters, furniture, fences, lighting
  • Play equipment and softfall
  • Irrigation
  • Public art
  • Beach accesses
  • Garden beds
  • CCTV cameras.

The plan details information about infrastructure assets including actions required to provide an agreed level of service in the most cost effective manner while outlining associated risks. 

The Park Locator map uses data from our Open Spaces Asset Management Plan to help residents and visitors locate a park, recreation facility, public toilet, and dog off leash areas. You can also find information about recreation activities within the Byron Shire. 

Park locator map

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