Audit, risk and improvement

We have a holistic approach to managing risks across the organisation to support and achieve our strategic and operational goals.

Risk Management Policy

Our Risk Management Policy ensures that Council will:

  • Clearly articulate its risk appetite levels.
  • Foster a risk aware culture through embedding within decision making.
  • Provide a clear understanding to all people of their roles, responsibilities and authorities for managing risk.
  • Manage its risks in a manner that preserves and creates value throughout organisation and for the Byron Shire community.
  • Assign the necessary resources to manage risk effectively.
  • Ensure all Council staff are adequately trained and equipped for the evaluation, management and reporting of risks.
  • Continually improve the efficiency, effectiveness and economy of its risk management practices.

Internal audits

We use internal audits to receive independent assurance that we are performing our functions legally, effectively and efficiently. These can also advise on how we can improve our performance. Internal audits are reported to the Audit, Risk and Improvement Committee.

In 2022/23 Council undertook the following internal audit reviews:

  • Open Spaces
  • Plant and Fleet
  • Corporate Cards
  • Swimming Pools and Food Safety
  • Property Services (Community Buildings)

In 2023/24 Council will undertake the following internal audit reviews:

  • Developer Contributions
  • Disaster Recovery and Planning
  • Waste Management
  • Work Health and Safety

Audit, Risk and Improvement Committee

Our Audit, Risk and Improvement Committee provides professional, independent advice and assistance to Council in assessing the organisation’s audit, compliance, risk and improvement performance.

The objectives of the Committee, which are found in the constitution, include:

  • Compliance
  • Risk management
  • Fraud control
  • Financial management
  • Governance
  • Implementation of the strategic plan, delivery program and strategies
  • Service reviews
  • Collection of performance measurement data by Council
  • Any other matters prescribed by the regulations made under the Act.