Questions on notice

During the Public Access session of a Council meeting, a person/organisation is permitted to register to ask one question of Council per meeting.

The Mayor, Councillors or General Manager will provide a response to questions asked of Council at the meeting if possible. That response will be included in the meeting minutes.  If a response is unable to be provided the question will be taken on notice, with an answer to be provided to the person/organisation prior to the next Ordinary Meeting and placed on Councils website.

Responses to questions taken on notice are provided below, by the date of meeting they were asked.


1       Illegal Camping at 784 Coolamon Scenic Drive


Question on Notice -18 June 2020(PDF, 67KB)



1        Bypass and Mitchell Rainforest Snail Relocation


Questions on Notice - 28 May 2020(PDF, 99KB)


1        Tourism Infrastructure Fund

2       Legal Costs


Questions on Notice - 21 May 2020(PDF, 106KB)


1        Mitchell Rainforest Snail Discovery


Questions on Notice - 23 April 2020(PDF, 97KB)




1         Scarrabalotties Lookout


Questions on Notice - 26 March 2020(PDF, 102KB)


1          Cost of the Railway Park Upgrade

2          Fees paid to GHD for the Byron Bypass


Questions on Notice - 27 February 2020(PDF, 109KB)



1          RFT 2019-0015 – 1 Broken Head Road Redevelopment

2          Bypass Costs


Questions on Notice - 28 November 2019(PDF, 145KB)


1          Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC)


Questions on Notice - 24 October 2019(PDF, 103KB)



1          Mitchell’s Rainforest Snails – Byron Bypass Construction

2         Referral of Development Applications


Questions on Notice - 26 September 2019(PDF, 107KB)


1          Short Term Rental Accommodation

2          Construction Environmental Management Plan for the Byron Bypass

3          Byron Bypass Expenditure

4          Saddle Road Expressions of Interest


Responses to Questions on Notice - 22 August 2019(PDF, 134KB)

1          South Byron STP

4          Byron Bypass – Zero Emissions Byron Plan


Questions on Notice - 23 May 2019.pdf(PDF, 118KB)


1       Compliance Matters


Questions on Notice - 28 March 2019(PDF, 151KB)

1       Bluesfest 2019 Parking Charges


Questions on Notice 28 February 2019(PDF, 107KB)


1.1       Bus Transit Station - Consultation with Butler Street Community Network


Questions on Notice - 13 December 2018(PDF, 94KB)


1.1       Cost of Processing Freedom of Information and Government Information (Public Access) Act Requests


Questions on Notice - 18 October 2018(PDF, 101KB)


1.1       Brunswick Valley Sustainability Centre Management Plan

1.2       Saddle Road Planning Proposal

1.3       Separation of Powers - Councillors and Staff


Questions-on-Notice-23-August-2018.pdf(PDF, 757KB)

1.1       Ebsworth Lawyers - Butler Street bypass defence


Questions-on-Notice-2-August-2018.pdf(PDF, 198KB)

1.1       Byron Bay Bypass - Butler Street Residents

1.2       Flood Levels - Vallances Road Plan of Management

1.3       Operational Costs of Low Pressure System at New Brighton

1.4       Brunswick Valley Sewerage Treatment Plant

1.5       Wet Weather Capacity of Pump Stations to Brunswick Valley STP

1.6       Reuse of Treated Effluent


Questions-on-Notice-21-June-2018.pdf(PDF, 23MB)