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All buskers need to apply for a permit to busk in the Byron Shire. 

Busking includes musicians, actors or street performers that perform in public in exchange for money.

To apply for a busking permit

Complete the online busking application form

You can also visit our customer service centre in Mullumbimby.


  • $28 for a one-off application fee, plus
  • $17 for a yearly permit, or
  • $6 for a one month permit. 

Buskers under 18 years must still apply for a permit, however no fees will apply. Parental approval is required.

Busking requirements

  • A busking permit allows artists to perform at designated areas for a maximum of two hours.
  • You must display the permit whilst performing.
  • All amplified busking must stop at 10.30pm.
  • No amplified busking is allowed between the hours of 10.30pm and 8.00am.
  • Non-amplified busking to end at 12am midnight.
  • No busking is to occur between 12am midnight and 8.00 am.
  • Where electrically amplified sound equipment is used, it must not be powered by mains power or generators. Only battery power from sealed (gel) or dry cell batteries may be used.
  • An audition is not required for a permit to be issued.

Any business that lets liquid trade waste into a Council sewer must apply for liquid trade waste approval from us. Trade waste is all liquid waste, generated on a commercial premises, and discharged to our sewerage system. 

Use the form on this page to apply.

Visit the Liquid trade waste page for more information about liquid trade waste categories and charges. 

Use this form to operate a mobile food vending vehicle or premises in the Byron Shire. Vehicles are classified as a food vending vehicle or a food premises, depending on the following:

Mobile food vending vehicle

A food or coffee van, trailer or truck. This includes any registerable vehicle that can be used on land that can either be self driven or be towed on public roads and is used in connection with the sale of food.

Mobile food premises 

Carts, bicycles or similar movable means of transport, whether self propelled or not and is used in connection with the sale of food that is located other than where the mobile food premises is stored when not in use.

For more information see the NSW Food Authority guidelines for Mobile Food Vendors and Markets and Temporary Events.

To register a mobile food vending vehicle or premises, please complete the registration form and pay the relevant fees

For further information refer to Council 's Food Safety page.

Use this form to apply to hold a street stall for fund raising in the Byron Shire.

Please read the Fund Raising - Community Organisations Policy to find out what rules you need to follow. Approval may be withdrawn if you do not comply with this policy.  

Please note: Maximum three days, per town, per year.

Step 1. Details of charity or non-profit organisation
Step 2. Proposed dates for stall/s
Type the characters you see in the image below * (Required)



Use the online form to apply to operate a temporary food premises such as a food stall or market stall. 

The following documents are required to be uploaded, depending on your application:

  1. Floor layout plan (required for all applications)
  2. Registration with the Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission (for Charities only)
  3. Food Safety Supervisor (FSS) Certificate (for non-low risk businesses)

For more information see the Food businesses page.

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