Submit an Annual Fire Safety Statement

Every year, the owner of a building or premises must provide us and Fire and Rescue NSW with an Annual fire safety statement.

This certifies that measures to prevent and reduce the impact of fires, work properly.

Use the online form to submit your fire safety schedule.

Visit the Department of Planning and Environment website for more information on fire safety obligations.

Submit your fire safety statement

Step 1.Complete an annual fire safety statement

The annual fire statement template and supporting guidelines can be found on the Department of Planning and Environment website.

Supplementary fire safety statements

Sometimes a fire safety statement must be supplemented with an additional statement multiple times a year. The frequency will be stated on the premises’ fire-safety schedule.

A supplementary fire safety statement applies to fire-control measures so it’s important that they must be certified more frequently than every 12 months. From 1 October 2017 building owners will need to choose a competent fire safety practitioner.

Step 2.Lodge your fire safety statement

Lodge the statement with us and Fire and Rescue NSW

Lodge your fire safety statement

We charge an administration fee for the handling and management of submitted annual fire safety statements. This fee must be paid on lodgement of your fire safety statement.

  • For new or altered buildings, the first certificate, called a fire safety certificate, must be submitted for each new or altered essential fire safety measure. No fee applies.
  • At least once within every 12 months after the fire safety certificate is completed, an annual fire safety statement must be supplied to us, certifying a competent fire safety practitioner has inspected the building and found that all required fire-safety measures are compliant with relevant standards.
  • For existing buildings, every year, within 12 months of the date of the previous annual fire safety statement, the owner of a building must submit an annual fire safety statement to us certifying that each of the measures listed in the most recent fire safety schedule installed on the premises remain capable of operating to the standards listed in the schedule.

It is an offence to fail to provide the statement. Substantial and continuing weekly penalty notices apply for this offence:

  • 1 week late $1,000
  • 2 weeks late an additional $2,000
  • 3 weeks late an additional $3,000
  • 4 weeks late an additional $4,000.

Although it is not required to do so by law, Byron Shire Council sends a courtesy reminder letter to the owner of affected premises care of the address provided for rates and notices. However, we accept no responsibility for any reliance upon it and the legal responsibility for providing the statement when its due, rests with the owner of the premises.

Failure to submit an annual fire safety statement could also lead to legal proceedings in the Land and Environment Court, where the maximum penalty for a breach is $110,000.

In situations where you cannot lodge your annual fire safety statement by its due date, building owners can apply for an extension of time to submit the statement.

We are unlikely to approve applications involving poor building site management.

To make a request email