Give us your feedback on heritage colours in the Byron Shire

Submissions closed on 30 March 2023, 05:00 PM

House in the Byron Shire using heritage colours.jpg

Our Shire has a number of heritage buildings and areas that provide a rich local identity.

The use of colours when improving or maintaining these properties has been of recent interest to our community.

We are asking for your feedback on:

  • Current colour schemes.
  • Possible changes to the Development Control Plan to loosen restrictions on the range of colours used.
  • Any other feedback about heritage colours.

Take a look at the Colour Schemes for Historic Buildings and Conservation Areas report and provide your feedback using the online form below.

Heritage Colour Schemes and information

The Colour Schemes for Historic Buildings and Conservation Areas(PDF, 3MB) has been prepared by our Heritage Advisor, Clarence Heritage.

This report provides an overview of the background and use of heritage colours along with examples. It also includes recommendations for wording changes to Chapter C1 of the Development Control Plan 2014. This chapter provides guidelines about development to or near heritage items and Heritage Conservation Areas.

Some other guidelines on heritage colours include:

Next steps

Your feedback will be reviewed to form a report to Council. Once endorsed it will proceed as an amendment to Chapter C1 of the Development Control Plan 2014.

Make a submission

Use the online form to make a submission.

Submissions close on 30 March 2023.