Subdivision Certificate

A Subdivision Certificate certifies that a plan of subdivision has been completed in accordance with the relevant development consent conditions or complying development certificate.

It also authorises the registration of the plan of subdivision with NSW Land Registry Services.

How to apply?

Step 1.Create an account

Create an account on the NSW Planning Portal.

Step 2.Apply using the NSW Planning Portal

Go to the NSW Planning Portal and complete the online application for a Construction Certificate (CC). Note: A Subdivision Works Certificate (SWC) can be applied for using the Construction Certificate online application.

Refer to the Quick Reference Guide - Apply for a Subdivision Certificate for help.

Step 3.Upload required documents

Depending on the type of works or use, there will be certain documents you will be required to lodge with your application.

Subdivision Certificate Checklist(PDF, 342KB)

The format, file size and documentation naming conventions used when uploading documents must meet Council's Digital Format Application Requirements.

Step 4.Lodged for review

Once the application is submitted through the Portal, an initial review will be carried out to check the information provided is sufficient for Council to accept. 

We will contact you if more information is required before the application can be accepted.

Step 5.Application ready to be accepted

When the application has been reviewed and considered ready for lodgment, the payee nominated by the applicant will be invoiced for payment of the fees.

Assessment of your application will not start until the fees have been received by Council.

Step 6.Assessment of the application

Once fees have been paid, the application will be registered. A site inspection will then be organised.

Officers will contact the applicant if further clarification is needed.

Application checklist

You must attach a copy of the following documents when submitting the application. Download the Subdivision Certificate Checklist(PDF, 342KB) and include it with your application.

  1. Plan of subdivision **
  2. Deposited Plan Administration Sheet **
  3. Development consent or Complying Development Certificate, including approved plans
  4. Construction or Subdivision Works Certificate
  5. Compliance from the relevant water supply authority
  6. Section 88B Instrument (where applicable) **
  7. Other Legal Documents (where applicable) **
  8.  Final occupation certificate (where applicable)

** In addition to lodging these documents online, you will need to submit an original version to Council for endorsement to be lodged with Land Registry Services.

Need help using the online service?

  • View the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment’s How To Guide. This will open in a new window.
  • Contact Service NSW on 1300 305 695