Apply for a Pensioner Rebate


You may be eligible for a rebate if you

  • are liable to pay the rates and charges on a property which is your sole or principal place of residence, and
  • have a current pensioner concession card issued by Centrelink or the Department of Veteran’s Affairs.


All NSW councils give a mandatory rebate to eligible pensioners of up to:

  • $250.00 off residential ordinary rates.
  • $87.50 off fixed water charges.
  • $87.50 off fixed sewer charges.

About your payments 

  • If you start receiving a pension after the quarterly billing period has begun, and you meet the above conditions, you can claim a rebate from the start of the next quarterly billing period.
  • If you no longer qualify as an eligible pensioner, or you sell the property where you live, you will not be entitled to receive a rebate after the end of the quarterly billing period in which you ceased to be eligible.
  • If you were granted a pensioner rebate in advance that you are no longer entitled to, it will be charged back to your rate account for the period relating to your ineligibility.