How to Tender

1. Overview

Byron Shire Council publishes all tenders, Expressions of Interest (EOI) and Requests for Quote (RFQ) through our online portal VendorPanel.

Follow these steps  to register as a supplier and prepare a tender, EOI or RFQ.

For any questions please email

2. Register on Marketplace

Byron Shire Council uses VendorPanel Marketplace to find local suppliers and to invite them to quote on work. It's free for suppliers to register.

  • Visit VendorPanel Marketplace to register.
  • Select the most appropriate category for your business.
  • Complete your profile by following the link sent to you via email. 

3. Find and download tender documents

All tender, Expressions of Interest (EOI) and Requests for Quote (RFQ) documents are published on theVendorPanel Platform.   

Documents can be downloaded by registered suppliers free of charge.

4. Decide if you are suitable for the project

Read the tender document very carefully and familiarise yourself with:

  • the conditions of tendering
  • the conditions of contract
  • all specifications or requirements, especially clauses dealing with delivery and price variations
  • Understand the Business and Ethics Statement.

5. Checklist: Before you lodge your documents

Use the checklist to ensure you have done all you need to before lodging your documents.

  • You have registered on VendorPanel.
  • Provided all the information requested in the tender document, including your Australian Business Number (ABN) in your application. 
  • Completed the returnable Tender Form and Tender Schedules documents that are available to download in VendorPanel.  
  • Addressed all of the tender assessment criteria in your offer.
  • Double checked your numbers are correct.
  • Provide the information that’s been asked for, in the right format.
  • Highlighted your strong points.
  • Made sure you have all required insurances in place.

6. Lodging tender documents

  • Tender submissions should be lodged electronically via Vendor Panel by the closing time and date.
  • Late submissions are generally not accepted. This is to make sure the process is transparent and fair.
  • Don’t leave your submission to the last minute. Allow some time for your offer to be uploaded in to VendorPanel.

7. Await review

Every submission will be reviewed by a tender evaluation panel in accordance with the criteria listed in the tender documents.

The Council will examine it for compliance with the conditions of tendering. Each tender submission is read in detail and examined and Council will determine if it is a conforming tender.

A conforming tender is one that meets the conditions outlined in the Request for Tender document and all requirements of the specifications.

A tender may be ruled non-conforming if the submission is:

  • incomplete
  • does not meet the requirements of the specification or contract as required under the request for tender.

A tender that fails to achieve the stated value in any one assessment criteria will be deemed as non-compliant, as it is considered the risk of engaging that organisation is considered high.