Federal Village Masterplan

The Federal Village Masterplan will be a roadmap for sustainable development in and around Federal village. It is being created through a community-led planning process. 

Download an infographic of the masterplan process so far - Federal Village Masterplan - The process so far infographic(PDF, 75KB)

Latest news

Draft Actions

The Federal Village Masterplan Steering group are working through your feedback to finalise the actions.

The group are currently working to pull all the information so far into a draft Masterplan document, which will be shared with the rest of the community in early-mid 2022. 

Draft Concept Plan for Federal Drive

One of the priority's identified by the Federal Village Masterplan group was the need to upgrade the main street, Federal Drive, to resolve some of the existing issues around safety, accessibility, buses and parking.  Through a collaborative design process, led by Council and a Landscape Architect, and in consultation with the Masterplan group, we have created a Draft Concept Plan for Federal Drive.

Federal Village Masterplan Vision and Principles

The majority of people who responded voted for Option B when providing feedback on the Federal Village Masterplan Vision and Principles(PDF, 127KB)

A community-led planning process 

With its beautiful hinterland location, park and popular cafés, Federal has experienced increases in visitation and also in development application activity.

Its 700-person-village supports a growing population in surrounding areas and current infrastructure faces challenges in dealing with increases in population, traffic, tourism and developments. 

The Masterplan created by the Federal community will establish a shared vision to ensure a future that addresses the needs and issues of its residents and the environment, for the next 20 years. It will provide a formal document for prioritising actions that align with the vision, to guide future planning documents and funding priorities. 


Watch the Federal Village Masterplan video on Vimeo

Draft Masterplan Actions

The Federal Village Masterplan Steering Group has developed the following draft list of actions for inclusion in the Masterplan.  

You're invited to leave any feedback.

Federal Village Masterplan - Actions(PDF, 2MB)

Movement and Access Actions

Action 1

Upgrade the Federal main street to create a safer pedestrian-friendly street and a green, functional centre for the community that alleviates existing issues between cars buses and pedestrians while emphasising the unpolished character.

Action 2

Improve connectivity in and around the village with safe, pedestrian-friendly paths and cycleways.

Action 3

Install welcome signage and minor landscaping in the public road reserve at the entrances/gateways to the village, to help define the edges of the village and to support a low-speed traffic environment.

Action 4

Upgrade the intersection of Coorabell Road and Binna Burra Road to resolve safety issues.

Sustainable Development Actions

Action 5, 5a and 5b


Update the Local Environmental Plan and Development Control Plan to reflect the vision, principles, and character statement of the Federal Village Masterplan.


Ensure that all developments in and around the village incorporate integrated green space in their design that links to and complements the existing community green space of the village.


Promote the Federal Village Masterplan to ensure it is considered by Council, community and developers – especially during the period prior to Local Environmental Plan and Development Control Plan updates.

Action 6

Contain commercial development to one clearly zoned area and reinforce planning controls accordingly (extent to be determined during detailed planning).

Action 7 and 7a

7: Ensure additional housing on land that is already zoned for residential (RU5 Village) is environmentally responsive and verify appropriate supporting controls are in place.

7a: Encourage more affordable/attainable housing within the existing village zone area through investigations with Council and landowners.

Action 8

Collaborate with Council and native title claimants to get the best outcome for claimants and community on Crown Land (Lot 89 DP755697 Public Reserve 105960 and Lot 90A DP 374765 Public Reserve 228590).

Community Green Space Actions

Action 9

Incorporate the vacant block on the corner of Roses Road and Federal Drive (Lot 1 DP1003205) into the village life of Federal by: a) instituting planning controls, or the like, to ensure the best possible development outcome with maximum community benefit; b) if the vacant block came up for sale the community would consider purchasing it and managing it as a community asset for open space, sport, overflow event parking, etc.

Action 10

Upgrade Federal Park and develop a Landscape Plan to incorporate the following: more seating; path improvements; increased planting; updated children’s play/sports equipment; a performance space.

Community Development

Action 11

Install an interpretative sign that acknowledges the traditional custodians and provides a brief history of the village and surrounds (supported by online/hard copy information).

Action 12

Facilitate an annual/bi-annual community art exhibition/sale and/or music event at Jasper Corner to support local artists, raise funds for the community facility and provide events for the local community to enjoy (in addition to the existing annual ‘Park Party’).

Governance and Funding Actions

Action 13

Incorporate Federal and surrounds as its own area under the Byron Shire Development Contributions Plan to ensure future populations are appropriately serviced.

Action 14

Pursue other funding opportunities that support the implementation of Masterplan actions.

Action 15

Establish an ongoing Federal Village Masterplan community-led implementation team to progress actions, provide annual reports to the community, and initiate a review of the Masterplan after five years.


If you were unable to provide feedback at one of the community sessions in October, please visit the Federal Village Masterplan Your Say page to leave your comments and read more about the Vision and Principles. 

Feedback closes 19 December 2021.

Community engagement so far

October to December 2020

Byron Council endorses Masterplan process – to be community-led.
Steering group established and expanded from 8 to 10 people.

January to March 2021

Online survey – 154 responses.
Door-to-door surveys – 151 responses.
4 days of traffic data collections.
1 listening post and community Q&A.
Key stakeholder engagement done.

April and June 2021

1 video created on aims of masterplan.
Budget approved for Movement and Access study - $73,000.
First community session held – 152 attendees.

July and September 2021

Subgroup started – 15 members volunteered.
Landscape architect engaged for design.

October to December 2021 – we are here now!

Second community session held – 81 attendees.
79 people voted on Option A and B for Vision and Principles – Option B selected.
15 Draft Actions form Masterplan online for community comment.
Federal Drive Draft Concept Plan on exhibition for community feedback.

Download an infographic of the masterplan process so far Federal Village Masterplan - The process so far infographic(PDF, 75KB)

The Masterplan's Steering Group

Communities know what they need most. The Federal Community Centre and the Federal School of Arts Association have joined forces to establish a Federal Village Masterplan Steering Group to coordinate the development of the Plan.

The Federal Masterplan process is a test of community-led planning - a new way of doing things - that could be a framework for the whole Shire.

You can join the Steering Group or a working group (as they are announced), if you have time and expertise - email federalmasterplan@gmail.com

The Steering Group members are as follows.

  • Gary Haughton, President Federal Community Centre
  • Toni Appleton, Secretary Federal Community Centre
  • Megan Passey, Federal School of Arts Association Inc Management Committee member.
  • Alan Goldstein, President Federal Film Society/Treasurer Federal Community Centre
  • James Mayson, President Federal Landcare/ Federal Community Centre committee member
  • Julie Lipsett, Federal Loves Refugees founder/ Federal Community Centre committee member/Byron Shire Council Public Arts Panel
  • Ant Solomon, Federal Community Centre committee member
  • Megan Louis, Federal Community Centre committee member
  • Jenna Reed Burns, background in heritage conservation, writing & editing and landscape design
  • Peter Gerard, special interest areas of Landcare and disability/inclusion.  


The Masterplan's areas of focus

Identified by the Steering Group and gathered from community feedback over the last few years.

  1. Traffic: To design a safer flow of traffic in Federal Village for pedestrians, push bikes and vehicles, and to assess the capacity of access roads (into the village) to meet future demand
  2. Green Public Space: To maintain and enhance Federal park, and add common green spaces in the village and surrounds, which supports our lifestyle, recreation and environment.
  3. A Living Village: To develop a framework for future development which enhances the liveability of Federal Village and surrounding areas it services.

Federal Village Masterplan Study Area

Federal Masterplan project study area.png

  • Focus Area – includes the Federal Village RU5 (Village zone) and the adjacent R5 (Large Lot Residential zone) properties. This area is the main focus for the project. 
  • Context Area – surrounding village impact area, incorporating the four main access roads.

Federal Drive Draft Concept Plan

One of the priority's identified by the Federal Village Masterplan group was the need to upgrade the main street, Federal Drive, to resolve some of the existing issues around safety, accessibility, buses and parking.

The draft Concept Plan is currently open for feedback until 19 December. Visit the Federal Drive Draft Concept Plan Your Say page to find out more and provide feedback.