Public Art


Public Art is one way to recognise local artists while adding a new dimension to public spaces in the Shire. The lives of residents and visitors can be enriched by quality works of art, and that a collection art will attract people with shared values.

We receive offers of donations and loans of public art frequently. Our Policy and Public Art Guidelines clearly outline the management and selection of such artwork. These documents will help to ensure the distinctiveness and mix of cultural values in each of the towns, rural villages and localities is reflected by Public Art.

Council's Public Art Policy and the Public Art Guidelines can be downloaded from this page.

Public Art Panel 

Any public art proposals and projects are viewed by Council's Public Art Panel, which advises Council on public art acquisitions and commissions.

Projects which are commissioned by Council are always advertised and an Expression of Interest is called.

Public Art Strategy

Council's Public Art Panel has developed a Public Art Strategy, to provide a vision and framework for the Council's planning and decision making in relation to the commissioning and acquisition of public art, as well as its ongoing care and maintenance.

The Strategy can be downloaded from this page.

Public Art and Development

Public Art in private development is governed by Chapter D8 of the Byron Shire Development Control Plan 2014.

The chapter outlines what developments it applies to, that is, developments of a certain value and in selected zones and other criteria. The Chapter outlines the process for including public art in a new development, including submitting a Public Art Plan at the DA stage of the development. For further information about the Public Art Chapter see the Development Control Plan.