Filming in the Byron Shire

In recent years the Byron Shire has been a popular set location for films and television series. 

Byron Shire Council, and all other councils in the State, are bound by the NSW Local Government Act which contains the Local Government Filming Protocol.

NSW Local Government Filming Protocol

The NSW Government is supportive of the screen industry and the Local Government Filming Protocol set out councils’ roles in relation to filming in local government areas.  

Key points of the protocol are:

  • The protocol is binding for all NSW councils.
  • As a general principal councils and Government agencies are required to approve screen projects. 
  • Filming as an activity does not require council approval but other activities such as road closures, parking regulations and environmental impact on public land may need approval.
  • Depending on the duration of the project and location Council approval is sometimes not required for filming on private land/property.
  • Councils are expected to grant approvals for filming on council-managed land.
  • The only fees councils are allowed to charge are for services they provide such as application fees and direct expenses relating to approvals – generally only cost recovery.
  • Filmmakers are required to inform residents and the local community with filming details.