Rainwater tanks


Since 1995, Byron Shire Council has encouraged the installation of rainwater tanks.

Some regulations apply to the installation of a rainwater tank in Byron Shire. For rainwater tanks larger than 10,000 litres,  a development approval is require and all plumbing works require approval under section 68  of the Local Government Act 1993 and should comply with Australian Standard AS3500.1.2: 2003 National Plumbing Code.

Generally, however, a rainwater tank does not require Council approval if the tank:

  • is an ancillary to an existing approved building
  • does not exceed three metres in diameter or three metres in height
  • is located behind the building setback/s supported in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations and/or with structurally adequate support
  • is not below ground
  • is not on land that requires excavation.


Government rebates

At times Federal and State governments offer incentive schemes or rebates for the installation of new rainwater tanks. 

For further information regarding rainwater tank rebates please refer to Rous County Council rainwater tank rebate program 

Implementation Guidelines for Rainwater Tank Subsidy(PDF, 134KB)

 Rainwater tank rebate application form(PDF, 202KB)