Fixing potholes in the Byron Shire

Council's Jetmaster will be repairing potholes in the locations listed below over the coming months, weather permitting. Locations are shown in alphabetical order, not order of work.

  • Arrow Head Road, Bangalow
  • Armstrong Street, Suffolk Park
  • Bass Court, Ocean Shores
  • Benjamins Lane, Ocean Shores
  • Byron Street, Byron Bay
  • Caniaba Crescent, Suffolk Park
  • Citriadora Drive, Ewingsdale
  • Cudgerie Court, Mullumbimby
  • Cumbebin Park, Byron Bay
  • Dudgeons Lane, Bangalow
  • Durroon Court, Ocean Shores
  • Eloura Court, Ocean Shores
  • Fawcett Street, Brunswick Heads
  • Friday Hut Road, Bangalow
  • Goonengerry Road, Goonengerry
  • Hinterland Way, Bangalow
  • Hyrama Crescent, Brunswick Heads
  • Kamala Court, Mullumbimby
  • Kings Road, Federal
  • Kingsley Lane, Byron Bay
  • Kingsley Street, Byron Bay
  • Kingsford Drive, Brunswick Heads
  • Koranba Place, Coorabell 
  • Kuringai Way, Ocean Shores
  • Lateen Lane, Byron Bay
  • Lawson Street, Byron Bay
  • MacGregor Street, Byron Bay
  • Mahogany Drive, Byron Bay
  • Main Arm Road, Main Arm
  • Marvel Street, Byron Bay
  • Mcgettigans Lane, Ewingsdale
  • McGougans Lane, Mullumbimby
  • Mcgregor Street, Byron Bay
  • Milton Street, Byron Bay
  • Newes Road, Coorabell 
  • Omega Circuit, Brunswick Heads
  • Oodgeroo Gardens, Byron Bay
  • Osprey Court, Byron Bay
  • Parmenters Road, Wilsons Creek
  • Pearces Road, Booyong
  • Philip Street, Ocean Shores
  • Pine Mountain Road, Bangalow
  • Possum Creek Road, Bangalow
  • Quarry Lane, Ewingsdale
  • Raftons Road, Bangalow
  • Rajah Road, Ocean Shores
  • Rosewood Court, Mullumbimby
  • Rosewood Road, Federal
  • Shara Boulevard, Ocean Shores
  • Shelley Drive, Byron Bay
  • Shirley Lane, Byron Bay
  • Shirley Street, Byron Bay
  • Tallowood Crescent, Byron Bay
  • Tinderbox Road, Byron Bay
  • Tristram Parade, Mullumbimby
  • Whian Street, Mullumbimby
  • Woggoon Terrace, Ocean Shores

Common questions about potholes

Why do potholes appear?

The older roads get, the more susceptible they are to weather elements and wear and tear.

Potholes appear in roads due to the surface deteriorating, leading to cracks that allow water to get in and lift the road surface.

Once water finds its way under the road base, damage occurs.

Traffic can also weaken the surface over a number of years.

Potholes grow bigger the longer they are left unattended.

Is filling a pothole a permanent solution?

Filling a pothole is a temporary fix.

Wet weather can see the same pothole appear in the same area.

When is the best time to fix a pothole?

When the wet weather has passed and the ground is dry. 

Filling a pothole during wet weather can often lead to it recurring during the same wet weather event.

Why isn’t this pothole fixed yet?

During wet weather we get many calls from residents about potholes and our staff inspect and prioritise these road repair requests as quickly as possible. 

When assessing a repair we consider:

  • location
  • size
  • safety concerns
  • upcoming works programs
  • number of vehicles that use the road.