Improving road safety

Accessible car park

We want to reduce the number of people getting hurt on our roads.

We are working with Transport for NSW, Police and other organisations to achieve zero road deaths and serious injuries by 2050. This is part of the National Road Safety Strategy 2021 - 2030

Designing safer roads, reducing speed limits, and supporting road safety campaigns are some of the ways we are doing this. Read on to find out more. 

Designing safer roads

We design new roads to minimise the risk and severity of incidents.  Examples include:

  • Traffic calming including chicanes, refuges and crossings.
  • Warning signs such as speed signs, school zone signage and cycle signage.
  • Road alignment which ensures good driver sight distances and reduces sharp corners.
  • Separating vulnerable users from motor vehicles such as off-road cycle lanes.
  • Longer lasting road surfaces and shoulder areas.

For examples of these projects visit Council projects

Request speed limit changes

Transport for NSW review and approve changes to speed limits. If you have concerns about vehicles speeding in your local area there are a few options:

Send a request to Safer Roads NSW

  1. Submit your feedback at Safer Roads NSW - Have Your Say About Speed Limits
  2. If approved by Transport for NSW, they will ask us to make the changes.

Suggest a location for a speed camera

Visit Safer Roads NSW - Have Your Say About Speed Cameras.

Request a Vehicle Activated Speed (VAS) sign

We use Vehicle Activated Speed signs (also known as a SAM or happy/sad face sign) to reduce speeding behaviour. The signs have proven to be very effective in the short term.

  1. Email with the details.
  2. We’ll review to see if we can add the location to our schedule.

Road Safety Campaigns