During a disaster

SES warning system symbols.png

Call 000 for life-threatening emergencies.  

During an emergency, follow your pre-prepared emergency plan.

Visit the Byron Shire Emergency Dashboard to check information about:

  • Weather warnings.
  • Road closures.
  • Power outages.
  • River heights.


For up-to-date information about flooding visit:

The NSW SES provides information about what you can do during a flood.  


During a disaster, the local SES unit will provide sand bags.

Outside of a disaster event, you can get sand bags from your local hardware store and fill with sand from your local landscape or quarry supplies provider.

Visit the SES website for more information. 


Evacuation centres

Any decision to open an evacuation centre will be broadcast to the community via local media.

You can also view Council’s Emergency Dashboard or listen to the emergency radio broadcaster for the locations.

Volunteer and donate

Check in with your neighbours and friends and offer support at your local level.

Take some time to check on those more vulnerable neighbours who may not be signed up to receive alerts or have internet access. They may need assist to evacuate or a phone call to see what they are needing.


Become a volunteer prior to any event and support your local Community or Neighbourhood Centre.

Sign up to volunteer with a local organisation before an emergency event to help with emergency relief. Organisations will be able to provide training (including WH&S) and answer questions and this isn’t always possible in the middle of a disaster response. 


Money can help empower people and provide choice at a time when community feel overwhelmed. This can enable a self-directed recovery and meet the immediate and longer term recovery needs of community. It also supports with local economic recovery as donations are spent locally.  

Consider connecting with your local organisations or charities, or donate to:

Tweed Byron Local Emergency Management Plan

Read the Tweed Byron Local Emergency Management Plan to find out more about emergency preparedness, response and recovery arrangements for the Byron Local Emergency Management Area.

The plan outlines the responsibilities and functions assigned to each agency to ensure a coordinated response to emergency events.

Tweed Byron Local Emergency Management Plan