Rules for building and developing in areas that flood

If you live in an area that is affected by flooding, there may be rules in place that restrict the kind of buildings and developments that can be built.

These rules aim to reduce the risk and damage caused by flooding.

Use the information below to find out if your property is affected by flooding and what flood controls might apply. 

Is your property affected by flood?

Use our online mapping tool to find some flooding information about your property.

This includes:

  • Flood controls
  • Existing floor levels of buildings (if that information is available)
  • What areas can’t be filled.

More detailed information is available in our floodplain risk management studies and plans.

Flood information certificate

If the map shows that your property is in a flood planning area, you might be able to get a flood information certificate (if the Council has a detailed study about the flooding in the area) that tells you more about flooding on your property.

The flood information certificate may tell you about flood risks, how high you should build and what level a flood may get to.

If a flood information certificate is not available for your property, you may have to contact an engineer experienced in flooding to find out about the flood risks for your property. 

Apply for a Flood Information Certificate

What are flood controls?

The rules for building and development in areas prone to flooding are explained in the Byron Shire Development Control Plans 2010 and 2014.

You can find out which Development Control Plan applies to your property by using the online mapping tool, or by contacting our Development Support Officers.