Belongil Creek Floodplain

Find out more about the Belongil Creek and view the Belongil Creek Floodplain studies and plans.

Belongil Creek at Byron Bay is approximately three kilometres long with a catchment of around 3,000 hectares. 

The town of Byron Bay drains to Belongil Creek and both the creek and the town are susceptible to flooding from both heavy rainfall and elevated ocean levels.

One third of the Belongil catchment is covered by the Cumbebin Swamp.

Run-off to Belongil Creek is also impacted by:

  • Byron Bay town drain (or Butler Street Drain)
  • North Coast Railway line
  • Ewingsdale Road
  • numerous bridges and culverts.

Belongil Creek opens to the ocean and is known as an ICOLL, an intermittently closed and open lagoon system.