Tenders Awarded & Received

We are required to provide a list of tenders that have recently been awarded, not awarded and received. Details are published on this page.

Also find our contracts register and a list of contracts valued at $150,000 or more.

Tenders awarded and not awarded

The table below shows tenders recently awarded and not awarded by Byron Shire Council in accordance with s179(b) of the Local Government (General) Regulation 2021. 

Request for Tender Reference Successful Supplier Total Contract Value $ (ex GST) Date awarded
 RFT 2022-1366 Engeny Water Management  $494,219.40   28 October 2022
 RFT 2022-1369 Liberty One Steel Recycling $250,000   28 November 2022
 RFT 2022-1314 Durack Civil Pty Ltd   $2,337,289   15 December 2022
 RFT 2023-1521 N/A N/A

23 March 2023 Council declined to award tender by resolution 23-063

 RFT 2022-1432 Civlec Pty Ltd t/as GRC Civil  $17,577,468   23 March 2023
 RFT 2022-1466 Bishton Group Pty Ltd   $452,980  20 February 2023
 RFT 2023-1581 Quadracon Building $387,467.91   5 April 2023
Affordable Housing - 57 Station Street, Mullumbimby N/A  N/A 27 April 2023 Council declined to award tender by resolution 23-148

RFT 2023-1554

DJ & JA Brooker Pty Ltd



 21 June 2023
RFT 2023-1583 Blaze Projects   $6,531,578.20  22 June 2023
RFT 2021-1145 Civil CS  $2,331,278.32  22 June 2023
RFT 2023-1590

Leaf it to us

Aruma Services

Property and Infrastructure Group

Amount of rates as provided    24 August 2023
RFT 2023-1783 Green Energy Queensland Pty Ltd $710,010 28 August 2023
 RFT 2023-1888 Flow Power  Power Purchase Agreement 16 October 2023

RFT 2023-1789

Experience ROVA Pty Ltd $100,000 23 November 2023
RFT 2023-1860 Bishton Group Pty Ltd $635,167   7 December 2023
 RFT 2023 - 1886 Ennovo $455,525 19 December 2023
 RFT 2023-1916 CIRCL Group Pty Ltd $1,187,055 

 15 December 2023

Tenders received

The table shows a list of respondents to recently closed tenders, as required by s175(5) of the Local Government (General) Regulation 2021

Name and number of Tender  Tenderer name  Date tender closed
 Affordable Housing - 57 Station Street, Mullumbimby 

Community Housing Limited 

Link Wentworth

14 November 2022
2022-1432 -532-606 Federal Drive Flood Damaged Site Landslides Stabilisation and Reconstruction


Civlec Pty Ltd (GRC Civil)

Ground Stabilisation Systems Pty Ltd

Holcim (Australia) Pty Ltd (Humes)

Quick Way Construction Pty

See Civil Pty Ltd

27 January 2023
2022-1466 Linda Vidler Park - Change Rooms - Suffolk Park 

Bishton Group

Greg Clark Building


10 February 2023
2023 -1521 Linda Vidler Park - Drainage and Sports Field Works - Suffolk Park

Fergies Fine Fields\

RCC Earthworks Pty Ltd 

15 February 2023
 2023 - 1554 Wet Plant Hire to Grind Garden Waste at the Byron Resource Recovery Centre

Eric Childs & Sons

DJ & JA Brooker Pty Ltd

Iron Jack Recycling 

 17 March 2023 
 2023-1581 Byron Shire Chambers Restoration and Renovation

Bishton Group

CIRCL Group Pty Ltd

Corporate Interior Projects Pty Ltd

Quadracon Building Pty Ltd

30 March 2023
 2023-1583 Byron Community Hub Redevelopment 

Alder Constructions

Apollo Property Group

Blaze Projects 

Patterson Building Group

Terra Ferma

 28 April 2023
 2021-1145 Water Main Supply and Construction, Byron Bay and Mullumbimby


Eire Constructions Pty Ltd

Ledonne Constructions

NTS Group

Terra Ferma Pty Ltd

Utilstra Pty Ltd

Winslow Constructors Pty Ltd

 8 June 2023
 2023-1783 Bangalow Sports Field Lighting Upgrade 

 Green Energy Queensland Pty Ltd

JSG Solutions

Precision Lighting and Electrical Service Pty Ltd

Darcy Electrical

T2 Group

Neale Civil - NCEC

O'Brien Electrical 

Thearle Electrical Service

 24 July 2023
New Year's Eve Soul Street Event 2024

Byron Community Centre Ltd

Event Society

Experience ROVA Ltd

Our Friends Electric Pty Ltd

SoldOut Events

The Rigging Shop Pty Ltd

22 September 2023
2023-1886 RFT Landfill Gas Flare Hire, Maintenance and Environmental Monitoring at the Byron Resource Recovery Centre


LGI Limited

Run Energy Pty Ltd

27 September 2023
2023-1888 Electricity Supply Tender

ERM Power Retail Pty Ltd

Flow Power


Iberdrola Australia

Momentum Energy Pty Limited


Origin Energy Electricity Limited

3 October 2023 
 2023-1860 Mullumbimby Recreation Grounds Amenities Upgrade

Barden Constructions Australia Pty Ltd

Bishton Group Pty Ltd

Bouman Pty Ltd

CIRCL Group Pty Ltd

Tycorp Constructions Pty Ltd

16 November 2023 
 2023-1916 Suffolk Beachfront Holiday Park - Long-term Precinct Dwelling Installations

Bishton Group Pty Ltd

CIRCL Group Pty Ltd

DeltaCorp Australia Pty Ltd

Quadracon Building Pty Ltd

16 November 2023 


Contracts register

We provide a register of contracts valued at $150,000 or more. We also publish all class 3 contracts and their variations in line with the NSW Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009.

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