Heritage in Byron Shire

View of Bangalow Hall entrance

Find out how we manage heritage in the Byron Shire and get advice on developing in a heritage conservation area or heritage item.

Our Shire contains a variety of heritage buildings and areas. These include:

  • indigenous sites
  • natural heritage sites
  • landscapes
  • local landmarks such as the Cape Byron lighthouse
  • industrial heritage such as the Mullumbimby Power Station

There are also many examples of civic, commercial and domestic heritage. These can be characterised by timber and iron buildings and many excellent examples of commercial buildings of the 1930s. 

We manage our heritage assets through in keeping with local and state legislation and controls. 

To support our Shires heritage, we have a heritage advisory committee who provide support and advice to Council to assist in its operations on heritage matters.  

Heritage legislation and controls

The Heritage Act 1977 and aspects of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 outline the management of heritage in the Shire.

Local, State and National Significance

Heritage items, areas and places of significance are listed as having either local or State significance.

  • State significant items are listed by the Office of Environment and Heritage under the Heritage Act. These listings are established by publishing a gazettal notice. Such items may also be identified in an LEP but only those Gazetted as having State significance can be identified as such in the LEP.

Additional national significance may also exist under commonwealth government legislation.

Local development plans

Chapter C1 of Byron Shire Development Control Plan 2014(PDF, 3MB) sets out controls and guidelines that complement Local Environment Plan 2014 in relation to development to or in the vicinity of heritage items and Heritage Conservation Areas.

Online mapping

To find out if your property is a heritage item or within a heritage conservation area use our online mapping tool.

When you open the map, select the 'General' layer, then 'Heritage'.

Heritage studies and publications

Heritage Strategy

The Heritage Strategy is designed to provide direction for heritage management and to link heritage to wider strategic and organisation planning. 

The Heritage Strategy is based on the NSW Government Heritage Branch’s ‘Recommendations for Local Council Heritage Management’ and is linked to the annual reporting template which is a requirement of the Heritage Branch for local government heritage funding arrangements.

Read the Heritage Strategy

Byron Shire Heritage Strategy 2020/24(PDF, 308KB)

Community Based Heritage Study

From 2004 to 2006, we conducted a study to identify and suggest important local heritage sites in the Byron Shire Local Environment Plan. We also provided suggestions for the continued care and preservation of these heritage places.

The community-based study methodology was chosen because it ensures that the community is not only consulted about its heritage but is also actively involved in researching and nominating items and places of heritage significance, and in considering recommendations for their management and promotion.

Read Council's Community-based heritage study:

Guides and fact sheets for development

In addition to our heritage advisory service, we have created the following guidelines to assist when considering improving or developing your heritage item or property in a heritage conservation area.