Flood information for your property

Before you can build or develop on land that is affected by flooding, you need to understand what planning controls are in place.

The tools on this page can help you understand:

  • If your property is affected by flooding.
  • What flood controls might apply to the land.
  • How to apply for a flood information certificate. 

Flood maps

Use our online mapping tool to find flood information about a property.

This includes:

  • Flood controls
  • Existing floor levels of buildings (if that information is available)
  • What areas can’t be filled.

Flood information certificate

Flood Information Certificate cost - $192

A flood information certificate can tell you about:

  • Flood risks.
  • How high you should build.
  • What level a flood may get to.

You can request flooding information from us if the property is within a flood model catchment.

  1. Use our online mapping tool to find out if there is any flood information for your property.  
  2. Use the online form to apply for your certificate.

If your property is not within a flood model catchment displayed on the map, we do not have an adopted flood study for that area. For example, for areas that fall outside of the Belongil Creek, Tallow Creek, North Byron and Marshalls Creek catchments.

If a flood information certificate is not available for your property, you may have to contact an engineer experienced in flooding to find out about the flood risks for your property. 

For more information contact a Development Support Officer 02 6626 7025 

Council does not know each customer’s reasons for seeking the information. Customers are encouraged to obtain professional advice specific to their requirements regarding the information.

For more information visit Flood Zones

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