What kind of Burringbar Street would you like to see?

Feedback closed 24 March 2024

Burringbar Street graphic

Following consultation, we have developed a Draft Concept Design for Burringbar Street, Mullumbimby.

The Concept Design looks at ways to make Burringbar Street more: 

  • Accessible
  • Safe for pedestrians
  • Vibrant
  • Enjoyable.

The aim is to develop a Concept Design that reflects what local businesses and the wider community want to see happen in this street in the future. 

Feedback closed Sunday 24 March 2024. All feedback received will be reported to Council in April/May 2024.

What did the Draft Concept Design propose?

See what proposed in more detail:

Streets and intersection changes

  • Widen existing footpaths from 3.5m to 5.1m to improve access and allow for alfresco dining and public seating.
  • Raised 10km/hr shared zone at Burringbar and Stuart Street intersection where people have priority to cross in any direction.
  • Additional pedestrian crossings at Dalley Street and adjacent to laneways.
  • Station Street Intersection priority change.
  • Informal pedestrian crossings across Burringbar Street near Studal Lane and McGoughans Lane.
  • Remove dedicated cycle lanes on Burringbar Street and integrate cyclists with vehicle lane.


  • Net loss of car parks in project area is kept to a minimum (10)
  • Retain existing 60-degree angled carparking to both sides of the street and include new loading, kiss and ride, taxi and bus stop bays.
  • Relocate taxi zone on Stuart Street to Burringbar Street and replace with angled parking.
  • Relocate bus stop zone pending discussions with Transport NSW and bus companies.
  • Additional mobility parking spaces increased from 3 to 4.
  • Loading bays added.

Tress and shade

  • Remove all palms from Burringbar Street because they:
    • Provide little shade
    • Drop large fronds and seed heads that can be hazardous to pedestrians.
    • Do not promote biodiversity.
  • Provide new street trees that will bring significant increase in shade and cooling of the street. Local tree selection will also bring greater biodiversity to the street.

Images and summaries from the Draft Concept Plan

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The plan includes Burringbar Street between Dalley and Station Streets and the intersections in this area, Burringbar Street, Mullumbimby 2482  View Map

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