Electronic flood warning signs and cameras installed in Byron Shire

Published on 09 July 2024

sign with solar panels warning drivers that when lights are flashing do not go further on the flooded road

Three sets of automated flood warning signs and cameras have been installed on Main Arm Road, Left Bank Road and Myocum Road.

The signs have solar-powered flashing lights that are activated when water levels reach a trigger point.

Katie Hughes, Acting Infrastructure Planning Coordinator, said the signs, which were funded by a $300,000 grant from the NSW Government and the Commonwealth’s Disaster Risk Reduction Fund, will be a strong signal and warning to drivers that they should not go any further on the flooded road.

"Main Arm Road, Left Bank Road and Myocum Road are busy rural roads and during significant wet weather events, drivers are regularly caught out by attempting to drive through flood water in these areas," Ms Hughes said.

"The SES has responded to countless calls to help drivers whose vehicles are stuck in the water and sadly some lives have been lost over the years.

"Lights will now automatically come on when water reaches a certain level indicating the road is closed and the situation is dangerous.

"Cameras have also been installed with images updating every 15-minutes and feeding through to Council's Emergency Dashboard so people can assess the situation before getting in the car," Ms Hughes said.

People can see the images from the cameras now by going to the Byron Shire Emergency Dashboard website.


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