Cr. Sarah Ndiaye

Deputy Mayor

Councillor Sarah Ndiaye was elected in December 2021 and elected Deputy Mayor at the 3 February 2022 Council meeting.

Sarah is a member of the Rous County Council and Chair of the Reconciliation Action Plan Advisory Group.

Councillor Sarah Ndiaye

Jingi Walla!

I have served on council since 2016 and I'm happy to see so many of the projects initiated during the last term coming to life.

I know the Byron Shire area and community well, having been a journalist for years and a current local high school teacher. I’ve advocated on a range of issues including:

  • inappropriate developments
  • waterway protection
  • affordable housing initiatives
  • improved public spaces.

Our community is experiencing the pressure of popularity and I’m focused on providing secure and stable housing, both for essential workers and those in housing stress, as well as caring for the homeless. The needs of our most vulnerable are a priority.

I'm the chair of the following committee's:

  • Biodiversity
  • Arts and Creative Industries
  • Climate Action
  • Resource Recovery
  • Housing and Affordability
  • Water and Sewer
  • Communications Panel.

I am a member of the Arakwal Memorandum of Understanding Committee and represent Byron Shire Council on the Rous County Council.

Many key projects including repair of our road network and key infrastructure like bridges, skateparks and fish-friendly causeways have been finalised and more are proposed.

During this term of Council the implementation of some of the projects that have been initiated in the previous term will be delivered. I’m excited about the opportunity for Byron Shire to establish a Community Lands Trust to develop affordable housing. I want council to retain its leadership in Climate Change action to provide a safe future as well as the protection our significant biodiversity.

We are in unprecedented times and we need strong leadership.

It is a great honour to serve my community.