Cr. Duncan Dey


Duncan Dey was elected in December 2021.

Duncan Dey Councillor

Duncan has lived, worked and played in Byron Shire since 1994.  His six years as a Councillor on two previous councils and his decades on many of Council’s committees mean that he knows how Council works and how to get things done.  

He’s a Civil Engineer specialised in water and the environment.  He brings those skills to the table as well as his experience working with community groups in Australia and overseas. 

He recognises the rights and the amazing history of this continent’s First Nations people. 

In 2021 he said “Byron Shire is an extraordinary place, with a bold history of community vision and activism.  I will continue to advocate for our alternative culture and for our non-voting residents.  Apart from kids that includes the Mitchells Rainforest Snail and the Koala”. 

“The Shire is under growing pressures, social and environmental.  I want Council processes to be as open and transparent as possible, so the community is informed and involved on how we handle these pressures”.  

“I’m here to serve community and to help deliver an ecologically sustainable and socially responsible future for Byron Shire”.