Apply for a property or rating certificates

Apply for property or rating certificates online. Property or rating certificates are usually requested by legal representatives for property conveyance.

A separate application is required for each land title lot. The exception is for rating certificates where multiple land title lots are valued and rated together.

Processing times will vary depending upon the certificate and property type.

Apply for a certificate online

The following certificates are available online:

A planning certificate provides information such as:

  • the zoning of the land
  • permissible and prohibited land uses
  • details of exempt and complying development
  • development controls and hazards. 

Planning certificates are issued under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A) and supporting regulations. 

There are two types of planning certificates:

  • Section 10.7 (2) Certificate – $67.00. This certificate includes information specified in Schedule 4 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 
  • Section 10.7 (2) and (5) Certificate – $168.00. This certificate includes additional information such as dwelling entitlement, private land burials, contaminated land and Biodiversity Conservation Agreements.

An additional urgency fee of $86.00 is payable for processing within 24 hours.

Extra fees may apply when determining the dwelling entitlement on a property for Section 10.7(2) and (5) Certificates. These may include the cost of historical title searches and an additional administration fee of $40.

Rating - Section 603 – $95.00

An additional urgency fee of $83.00 is payable for processing within 24 hours. 

These certificates provide:

  • rates and charges levies
  • account balance information
  • water usage based charges information up to the last quarterly meter reading taken by Council.

They are issued under the Local Government Act 1993 (LGA).

Outstanding Notices Certificate - $168.00

An additional urgency fee of $215.00 is payable for processing within 24 hours.

An Outstanding Notices Certificate lists any current or outstanding notices and orders issued by Council for a particular property.

The provisions are contained in section 735A of the Local Government Act 1993 and clause 41 of Schedule 5 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (formerly section 121ZP).

We also provide a list of any outstanding notices and orders issued by Council under the provisions of any other Act under which it is authorised to do so. Notices issued might include:

  • unauthorised building works
  • stormwater works
  • overgrown properties
  • unsafe or unhealthy conditions.

Sewer Location Diagram - $60.00

An additional urgency fee of $11.00 is payable for processing within 24 hours.

This provides both:

  • Sewer Service Diagram showing the internal lot sewer layout and connection to Council’s Sewer (if available).
  • Sewer Location Plan showing Council’s sewer infrastructure in relation to the lot.

Sewer diagrams for strata subdivisions are provided on the common property only.

Please contact Council on 02 6626 7142 if you wish to confirm whether or not the subject land is sewered prior to applying. No refunds will be given once the application has been submitted.

Water Meter Reading - Special - $105.00

Urgent processing of these readings is not available.

Council will read the water meter/s and provide details of the water usage and billing information since the last quarterly billing period.

Flood Information Certificate - $166

You can request flooding information from us if the property is within an area covered by flood studies or management plans adopted by Council.

We do not hold flood data for all areas of the Shire. Refer to the flood studies below or contact Council's Development Support Officers on 02 6626 7025 to determine if Council has flooding information on your property.

Flood information is provided for general purposes only. Council does not prepare the information. It has been supplied to Council by various third-parties at a point in time. Because the information is based on modelling, any particular flood (and the circumstances causing it) may be different to the scenarios modelled by the various studies which provided the basis for the information.

Because of the nature of the information and that it has been supplied to Council, Council does not promise that the information is free from error or omission. As a result, Council will not be responsible for any damage, however caused, by the provision of the information.

The information is subject to change as a result of updated flood modelling. Council is not responsible for updating the information.

Therefore Council does not warrant that the information is accurate after the day of issue. Council does not know each customer’s reasons for seeking the information. Customers are encouraged to obtain professional advice specific to their requirements regarding the information.